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Hi!! I am Shaon (Md. Moshaharul Haque Shaon) from Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are 2 brother and 1 sister. I’m the elder son in my family and then my sis and then my lil bro. My life is not so good. Many upset is here to pass my every moment. 1st is 29april 1991 after my birth held the big tornado in Bangladesh which signal number is 10. After 1.5 yrs I go to khagrasori, Chittagong, Bangladesh with my parents as my fathers occupation. We stay there 2/2.5 yrs...And there my sister had born. when I come back in my home for my transfer of my father that time I lost my some childhood frnds....In this day I got only 1 friend of that time. After some days we go to fulbari, dinajpur, Bangladesh on 1994(may/June). Then I admitted to my first school life in a nursery school. That time have a memorable day...which is very funny...I and my some friends buy some cakes for eating...I give money the shopkeeper the shopkeeper give my money to my friend. I am angry for that thing and crying still going my home...=)). When we stay there that time we go to sopnopuri (a nice place for recreation). I have some memorable scene on that spot. After 1yr we go to Marissa, Baghaisori, Rangamati, Chittagong, Bangladesh for my Father’s transfer. On that place I admitted on class one in Govt. rifles school. I read their class one-three. One day one teacher give me punish for undisciplined. Then I crying and going to my mother and say all, then she come to our school and angry with that teacher..After that day those teacher don't punish me. One day I go to visit that area with my 4frnds. That time is rainy season. And all area is covers by flood. But we don't take it serious. So we finished our mission. After 2.8 yrs we go to my home. After some day we admitted in Dhaka city. Still now I stay here. From class five- BBA I stay here with my parents. Now I read in International Islamic University Chittagong, Dhaka campus. My hobby is Writing Poems & Internet browsing and Blog site creating. I have max 15 Blog site. And most popular Blog is And my Name Blog is Also I have 4 site. And some other free website making site. I'm an Online worker and an Online work provider. And my aim is "be a web designer, Software engineer, Programmer". We are 2 Brothers and 1 Sister. We are happy family. Please pray for me and my family.


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